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Those born Sagittarius are idealistic, optimistic, generous, honest and truthful.

Not to be rude but Sagittarius doesn’t really give a fuck about your problem! So get over it.

Sagittarius hates being confined, they are true free spirits. Fun Zodiac Sign

At heart baby!✌😏

Get possessive over your Sagittarius and watch them walk right out the front door.

True to the max! I don’t like it when people act like they are my keeper.
The Sleep Habits of the 12 Zodiac Signs


Aries Zodiac Sign Sleep Habit: Aries are a hyperactive sign and tend to have sleeping troubles. Their dreams are often intense and vivid, They find it very hard to wind down at night and ignore the health benefits of good sleep. Slide sleeping is known to improve sleep quality
Taurus Zodiac…


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The Communication Styles of 12 Zodiac Signs


Aries Zodiac Sign: You’re an action person and like to communicate through deeds rather than words. Intellectual, vague and theoretic conversations can bore you. When you talk to others, you’ll be honest, open and sincere but sometimes just shutting up and listening is the better way to go. you have some things to learn about tact and diplomacy.

Taurus Zodiac Sign: Generally, you’re a quiet, easygoing person. You don’t like too much talk because there’s a tendency for you to be a little introverted and shy. You need time to think before you speak. When someone is talking “crap,” you can come up with a comment that puts them in their place (you can spot the phonies). This even surprises you in the process sometimes.

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